contractors - protect yourself from legal liabilities

contractors - protect yourself from legal liabilities

  • Confused By Paternity Issues? Don't Be

    If you and a sexual partner have called it quits, it can be very surprising to be told of an impending birth. Some fathers-to-be have questions about the paternity of a child presented as their own. Since this can be a tricky area, how do you approach the mother and ask about other partners? There is no real way to know the paternity of a baby without a DNA test. To learn more about paternity allegations and how things could go wrong for those who just want to do the right thing, read on.

  • Summer Fun Result In An Injury? What To Do If Your Child Is Injured By A BB Gun

    Now that summer is here, kids are going to be out playing in the neighborhood. All the outdoor activities increase the risk that your child will be injured. This is especially true if your child is involved in activities that can be inherently dangerous. One activity that has a high chance of injury involves BB guns. Unfortunately, BB guns can cause serious injuries, especially if adult supervision isn't provided. If your child has suffered serious injuries as the result of negligent BB gun handling, you need to take action as soon as possible.

  • Leave It To Court After Your Car Accident

    When you are injured in a car accident, you have several options for dealing with the way it's affected your life. Many accident victims trust the at-fault driver's insurance company to pay them what is fair. Others decide they are owed more than what the insurer wants to offer and try to negotiate for a settlement. The only other option when those two don't work out is to take your personal injury case to court.

  • Should You Refuse A Breathalyzer During A Traffic Stop?

    Many people do not realize that they have the right to refuse to take a breathalyzer during a traffic stop, and because they do not know they have this right, people will commonly take the test even though they do not want to. If you are pulled over, you should realize that you could refuse to take the test; however, if you refuse this, there are consequences you should know about.

  • The Main Stages To Expect In Your Upcoming Criminal Trial

    If you do not accept a plea bargain in your criminal case, you will be required to go through a formal trial. The trial may not take place for many months after the initial charges were filed, but it will eventually take place. When it does, here are the main stages you should expect. Choosing a jury While you could choose to go through a bench trial, most defendants prefer a jury trial.

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contractors - protect yourself from legal liabilities

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