contractors - protect yourself from legal liabilities

contractors - protect yourself from legal liabilities

  • Understanding Premise Liability

    Premise liability is a legal concept that keeps property owners responsible for accidents and injuries that take place on their premises. While this may seem straightforward, there are certain key factors you should understand to determine if you have a premise liability case. The Duty of Care Property owners are legally obligated to ensure their premises are reasonably safe for all visitors. This duty of care extends to invited guests and even trespassers in some cases.

  • The Journey Towards Finalizing A Divorce

    Divorce is a tough process that can take a toll on the lives of those involved. Whether it is due to mutual agreement or a contentious separation, it can be emotionally and financially draining. In this blog post, we will dive into the journey toward finalizing a divorce case and the steps that are involved. The Petition for Divorce The process begins when one party files for divorce by submitting a petition to the court.

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contractors - protect yourself from legal liabilities

My husband has worked in the construction industry for nearly twenty years. Three years ago, he decided to open his own business performing renovation work. Having so much experience helped him land clients and showed him that he has to protect himself from the clients that aren't so easy to please. We started working with an attorney in the beginning to have all of the contracts drawn up and have called when things go badly with clients. This blog will show you what you need to do to protect yourself from legal liabilities when you work as a contractor in today's world.