contractors - protect yourself from legal liabilities

contractors - protect yourself from legal liabilities

Social Security Lawyers: What Can They Do For You?

Lawrence Ross

If it's time for you to seek SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) benefits because of an affliction, you might wonder what an attorney could possibly do for you when it comes to applying for SSDI. Read on and find out about just a few of the many perks of using a Social Security lawyer.

Help With Preparation

Instead of wasting time and getting stressed out about it, speak to an SSDI lawyer and find out what you need to assemble before you begin your application. SSDI lawyers are familiar with what the Social Security Administration (SSA) expects to see on a claimant's application.

Send in a Great Application

The multi-page SSDI application can seem daunting. A lot is riding on how applicants answer the questions. Those who leave important things out will inevitably be denied. Those who do it wrong may wait months before they know they have messed things up. Your SSDI lawyer can help you apply with an application that doesn't leave the claims examiner scratching their heads in confusion and that will gain you quicker benefits at the same time.

Obtain Your Medical Proof

SSDI approval rests, for the most part, on providing the SSA with proof of your medical or mental affliction. For many, that means you will eventually need to obtain copies of your medical records, doctor's notes, test results, and more. Your lawyer will have you sign a release allowing your legal team to be proactive in getting those medical records.

Don't Miss Your Chances for Appeal

Although those who are turned down benefits are often denied on their initial application, the SSA offers everyone a chance to appeal the decision. That means you can appear before a hearing officer and explain why the SSA was wrong to deny you. To do that you should understand the reason given in the denial letter. But there is more in that letter that should capture your attention. Claimants have only so much time to ask for an appeal. Once you speak with an SSDI lawyer, your worries about missing any appeal deadlines or anything else are over.

Ease Worry About the Appeal Hearing

It's only natural to be nervous. After all, you may not understand what will happen or how the outcome could affect you. Why not have an SSDI lawyer by your side?

Contact a Social Security Disability lawyer in your area for more information. 


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