contractors - protect yourself from legal liabilities

contractors - protect yourself from legal liabilities

How To Tell You Have A Good Criminal Defense Lawyer

Lawrence Ross

Do you need a criminal defense lawyer but are not sure what you should be looking for that makes a good lawyer? If so, it will help to watch out for the following things that they'll offer to do for you.

Investigate Your Charges

Any crime you are being charged with starts with a complaint, which is how you are formally charged with a crime in court. Your lawyer should look over the complaints thoroughly so that they fully understand what the issues are. This includes looking for mistakes that the prosecutor may have made and the potential fine or jail time that you are looking at due to what you are being accused of.

Evaluate The Evidence

A prosecutor is not going to charge you with a crime unless they feel like they have enough evidence against you to justify the charge. That is why your lawyer will need to look over all evidence that is being presented to know what they are working with. They'll be looking over police reports, witness statements, video evidence, and anything else that is being used as evidence to try and prove that you are guilty of the crime. Always remember that you are innocent until proven guilty, so the evidence is going to play a key role in proving your guilt. Your lawyer needs to find a way to prove that the evidence does not prove guilt. 

Defend Your Rights

Your lawyer should also defend your rights. This includes your right to not incriminate yourself and to not be a victim of unreasonable searches or seizures. If your rights were violated in an attempt to collect evidence against you, it is possible to have that evidence thrown out as part of your trial. In some situations, the case can be completely thrown out because of your rights being violated. That is the ideal situation to find yourself in because the charges will be dropped and there will be no need to go to trial.

Negotiate With The Prosecutor

Know that the prosecutor does not always want to take a case to trial. It is the job of your lawyer to negotiate with the prosecutor to figure out what kind of plea bargain that they can offer you. Your lawyer may help get you a deal where you plead guilty and avoid a lengthy trial in exchange for a lower sentence or fine. 

Reach out to a criminal defense lawyer in your area to find out more information about how they can help your case. 


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