contractors - protect yourself from legal liabilities

contractors - protect yourself from legal liabilities

Vital Reasons To Retain An Assertive Nursing License Defense Attorney

Lawrence Ross

As a registered nurse, you take pride in taking the best care of your patients. However, for all of your care, you may find yourself the target of an unfounded and unjust malpractice accusation.

This accusation can threaten your career and the professional accreditations that you need to keep your job. You can fight it, however, by hiring a nursing license defense attorney to represent you.

Building a Solid Defense

The crux of your case will depend on how effectively you counter the accusation against you. The person who leveled the charge may say that you  committed such a grievous offense that a judge or jury may naturally have empathy for him or her. You, then, may find yourself at an automatic disadvantage even before you can introduce your side of the case in court.

However, an experienced nursing license defense attorney can gain the same, if not more, empathy from the judge and jury based on the facts of the case. He or she can use solid evidence from what happened to show that you are the target of slander and that you did not commit the offense. He or she can turn the court's favor to your side of the argument and get the judge or jury to decide for you.

Working Out an Agreement

The person who leveled the wrongful accusation against you may actually be trying to win money from the medical facility that you work for. He or she may not want to go to court because he or she may know that the court would find proverbial holes in his or her story.

With that, this person might want to settle out of court and agree to drop the accusation against you if he or she could be paid off. Your nursing license defense attorney can make sure that your liability coverage does not pay out the settlement. Your lawyer can also make sure that the accusation never reaches the attention of the media and is kept clear of your record. 

An assertive nursing license defense attorney can work diligently to keep your record clear of wrongful accusations. He or she can represent you and argue for you in court to win the favor of the judge or jury. Your lawyer can also negotiate a settlement to get the wrongful accusation dropped. Contact a law firm like Spiga & Associates to learn more about your options.


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