contractors - protect yourself from legal liabilities

contractors - protect yourself from legal liabilities

Confused By Paternity Issues? Don't Be

Lawrence Ross

If you and a sexual partner have called it quits, it can be very surprising to be told of an impending birth. Some fathers-to-be have questions about the paternity of a child presented as their own. Since this can be a tricky area, how do you approach the mother and ask about other partners? There is no real way to know the paternity of a baby without a DNA test. To learn more about paternity allegations and how things could go wrong for those who just want to do the right thing, read on.

Stepping Up For All the Wrong Reasons

If a father-to-be just accepts the word of the mother and takes on the responsibility of being a father, there might be no turning back. No matter how much you may want to be the father or may not want to upset the mother, you must request a paternity test before you agree to be a father. Saying that you are the father has serious and long-term consequences, and many fathers don't realize what they could be getting into. Not only do you have a life-time commitment on your hands to be a father, but you may also be taking on a false role.

The Health and Well-Being of a Child

State courts are focused on making sure a child does not suffer from the financial effects of not having two parents in the same household to care for them. One way they see to this is by providing the mother and child with certain benefits. Another way they help is by making the father pay child support for the child. Child support can go on for 18 or more years, and you must be prepared for the consequences when you fail to pay as ordered. Some would-be fathers seem to think that they will accept the responsibility now and find out who the "real" father is later on. That is inadvisable, though. The judge may order you to continue paying child support even after DNA testing shows you are not the father. That can happen if the true father is incapacitated, ill, unemployed, or just unable to pay. So when you accept the responsibility and begin to pay child support, you cannot simply shed that obligation in every case regardless of who the real father might be.

When you accept the position, you cannot just shrug off the responsibility later. You will become attached to the child and them to you. To remove all doubt, ask for a DNA test. It's your right, and it's the right move to make. To find out more about the implications of paternity, speak to a family law attorney.


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contractors - protect yourself from legal liabilities

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