contractors - protect yourself from legal liabilities

contractors - protect yourself from legal liabilities

Problems With Your Case? 4 Signs You're The Victim Of Legal Malpractice

Lawrence Ross

When you're facing legal issues, you depend on your attorney to make the right decisions for your case. Unfortunately, that doesn't always happen. Occasionally, attorneys are guilty of malpractice. Legal malpractice can have devastating consequences for you, your family and your future. It's important to note that legal malpractice doesn't mean that a minor mistake has been made, or that you lost your case. For legal malpractice to exist, your attorney must have made serious and negligent mistakes in the handling of your case. If you suspect that your attorney has committed legal malpractice, take a look at the list below. If any of the items here are pertain to your case, you need to contact a legal malpractice attorney as soon as possible.

Your Attorney Divulged Privileged Information

When you hire an attorney, the two of you enter into a partnership that includes confidentiality. Basically, whatever you tell your attorney stays between the two of you, and is protected by attorney/client privilege. When that privilege is breached, and an attorney divulges privileged information, legal malpractice may have occurred. If your attorney divulged privileged information, it's time to seek counsel.

You Were Forced Into a Settlement Offer

When you hire an attorney, you except them to represent your best interest. Occasionally, that doesn't happen, especially where settlements are concerned. Before a settlement is agreed upon, your attorney should sit down and discuss the terms with you. This includes both civil and criminal cases. As the client, you have the right to agree or deny the terms of any settlement offer. If you've been forced into a settlement that you didn't agree to, you need to speak to a legal malpractice attorney immediately.

Your Attorney has a Relationship With the Opposing Side

Conflict of interest is another issue that can interfere with the way an attorney handles a case. To protect your rights, your attorney shouldn't have any relationship with the opposing side, especially one that can jeopardize your case – such as partners in a business deal. When a relationship exists, there can be a conflict of interest. Unfortunately, conflicts of interest can undermine the fairness of the legal proceedings you're involved in. If you've discovered that your attorney has a relationship with the opposing side, it's time to speak to a legal malpractice attorney.

Your Attorney Missed Crucial Deadlines

Court proceedings have very controlled time lines, especially where filing paperwork is concerned. When deadlines are missed, they can jeopardize a case. If your case has been dismissed because your attorney failed to meet filing deadlines, you need to speak to an attorney who specializes in legal malpractice.


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