contractors - protect yourself from legal liabilities

contractors - protect yourself from legal liabilities

No Ordinary Damage: Pain And Suffering

Lawrence Ross

If you've been the victim of a car accident, your life will probably undergo many changes. Being hurt and having to deal with your wrecked vehicle can seem overwhelming enough before you even consider the emotional effects of the wreck. Personal injury law recognizes just how damaging the mental effects of being involved in a car accident can be and addresses that with a form of damage known as pain and suffering. Read on to learn why this particular after-effect of a wreck should not be overlooked.

The Hidden Injury

When your emotional health is threatened, it can affect your life in ways that might far outpace those of a physical nature. The devastating injuries that sent you to the hospital and that continue to plague you as you slowly recover can impact your life for months to come, and even longer if the injury leaves you with permanent damage. It is the hidden, less obvious injury to your mental health that some accident victims suffer from just as much, if not more, than those physical injuries.

The Trauma of the Accident

Pain and suffering affect accident victims in two major ways. First, the physical injuries associated with the wreck and the general discomfort you feel as you attempt to cope with those unexpected infirmities can cause a great deal of misery.

Secondly, the emotional trauma of having been involved in a wreck can affect you regardless of your physical injuries. You might now feel fearful about riding in or driving cars or have unexplained anxiety that seems to be with you constantly after the wreck. For those that experience particularly traumatic wrecks or where there were more severe injuries or death, it is not uncommon to experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Keeping Up With Your Pain and Suffering

Since the dollar amount of your compensation is computed using the total of all of medical expenses, it's important to keep good records. Begin a file after the wreck and put all medical statements and receipts in it. Additionally, consider starting a journal to help you notate the way the wreck is affecting your life, both physically and emotionally. To sum up, do the following to ensure you both get better and get compensated for your pain and suffering:

  • Keep good records of your medical and other expenses.
  • Keep a journal of your after-accident struggles.
  • See a mental health professional to help you deal with your emotional trauma.
  • Provide your attorney with documented evidence all of the above and demand to be paid for your pain and suffering from the driver that caused the accident.

For more information, contact your car accident attorney.


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