contractors - protect yourself from legal liabilities

contractors - protect yourself from legal liabilities

What Are Some Things That Could Happen If Someone Drives Recklessly?

Lawrence Ross

Some individuals assume that traffic offenses are minor infractions of the law. This is true in many cases, but even a minor traffic offense can result in an inconvenience such as increased insurance premiums. Reckless driving is a traffic offense that can result in harsh punishment. This type of citation may come with additional tickets such as speeding or failure to yield. Some individuals who receive reckless driving citations get them while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, which can mean even more serious consequences. The following points will help you to understand some things that could happen if you are convicted of reckless driving.

Loss of License

Some states revoke or suspend the licenses of individuals who are proven to have driven recklessly.  The time period for the suspension or revocation will usually vary depending on other factors such as whether the driver has been found guilty of the same type of citation in the past. Courts may also take into consideration whether the current citation is accompanied by additional charges.


Some states do not put first time offenders of this offense in jail. However, some states are strict and impose jail sentences for reckless driving. Repeat offenders under either scenario can expect harsher consequences each time they plead or get found guilty of this charge. Jail time can create many issues for the average person, such as loss of employment.


As with most situations where individuals accept a plea bargain or get found guilty of charges, a fine can be expected. The fine will usually be established based on state laws. If there are additional citations involved, those will also likely have their own separate fines.


Many states issue demerits to drivers' licenses for serious offenses such as reckless driving. Some people refer to demerits as points. It can take a while for points to age off of a driving record. Too many points can result in lost driving privileges or higher insurance premiums.

A reckless driving attorney is a good resource to use if you are charged with the offense. They can explain potential punishment in the event that you plead guilty or get found guilty. The laws vary depending on what state the offense occurs in, and some states have harsher penalties. An attorney can also explain any additional citations if applicable. You can use the information provided to decide whether or not you will seek counsel. 


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