contractors - protect yourself from legal liabilities

contractors - protect yourself from legal liabilities

Did A Real Estate Agent Duel Representing You And A Seller Cancel A Deal Before Closing?

Lawrence Ross

If you were in a real estate deal where the real estate agent was representing you and the seller of the house that you were to buy, and then something fell out before closing, you want to hire a real estate attorney. If you think that the sellers got a better offer or they decided that they wanted to sell someone else and you were under contract, and your agent is trying to downplay what happened, call a real estate attorney to get some representation and help. Here are some of the things you want to know.

Was Everything Done Legally?

You want to know if what the real estate agent did was legal or if they broke a contract illegally and they want to hide it. If the seller had already signed all of the contracts and the sale was in motion, but suddenly the seller got a better offer or changed their mind, your agent may be covering up their illegal doings. The real estate lawyer will go through the contracts and determine if there was foul play.

Can You Get Money Back?

Did you put earnest money down when you put an offer on the table and pay for things like an inspection, appraisal or anything else? If so, your lawyer may work to try to get some of this money back, since the seller let you spend the money with you thinking that you were going to be the owner of the home. Your lawyer may open up a case against the seller, and this would be money that you want as compensation.

What Can be Done About the Loan?

If you still want to purchase a home and you already applied for a loan and got it approved, you will want to have your lawyer talk with the mortgage company. If you can get an extension on how long you have to find a home, before having to go through the mortgage financing process over again, this could save you time and hassles.

If something doesn't seem right with your real estate agent, and you were just about to close on a home but all of a sudden the sale fell through and now you are left without a home and out the money you spent, call a law office like Stoddard Law Firm right away. A real estate attorney will get to the bottom of the situation right away. 


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contractors - protect yourself from legal liabilities

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