contractors - protect yourself from legal liabilities

contractors - protect yourself from legal liabilities

The Causes And Symptoms Of PTSD And How PTSD Can Be Proven In Court

Lawrence Ross

If you've been diagnosed with PTSD following an accident or injury, you may be wondering whether this can be proven in court. Below is an explanation of the causes and symptoms of PTSD and how your lawyer can help you to prove this disorder.

What Causes PTSD?

PTSD, also known as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, is a mental health disorder that can affect those who've been through a traumatic or life-altering event.

While most people who suffer from PTSD have experienced the event themselves, it's also possible for witnesses to suffer from PTSD's effects. Due to the complex nature of the disorder, not all who experience traumatic events will suffer from it. Some risk factors include those who've suffered from anxiety and depression in the past, as well as those who've experienced childhood trauma and who lack a good support system.

What are the Symptoms of PTSD?        

There are a myriad of symptoms associated with PTSD, but each sufferer will show signs of the disorder in different ways.

Some individuals with PTSD may have intrusive thoughts which can contribute to flashbacks and nightmares. Other individuals may have changes in moods or behaviors, such as irritability and lashing out at seemingly harmless stimuli. Due to the complexity of the disorder, each individual will experience and cope with it in different ways.

How Can PTSD Be Proven in a Personal Injury Case?

There are two ways that PTSD from an accident or injury can be proven in court and those are expert testimony and eyewitness testimony.

PTSD is an overwhelmingly misunderstood disorder. In order to prove PTSD, it must first be understood. This is why an expert testimony is required. The expert witness in your case will explain to the jurors what PTSD is and give their opinion as to whether you suffer from it. Your lawyer may call your own psychiatrist to the stand, or request the help of a psychiatrist who is an expert in treating PTSD.

A witness testimony, on the other hand, will speak to your exact case. These testimonies may be given by family, friends, and coworkers and will show that not only do you suffer from the symptoms of PTSD, but that the change occurred after your accident or injury happened. To prove that the PTSD you're experiencing stemmed from the injury, this testimony is the most important.

To learn more about proving PTSD in court, consult with your personal injury attorney


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