contractors - protect yourself from legal liabilities

contractors - protect yourself from legal liabilities

Four Things A General Practice Attorney Can Do For Your Small Business

Lawrence Ross

Small business owners may not think they need an attorney until it is too late. Hiring a general practice attorney before you need legal council in a court of law has many benefits. General practice attorneys don't limit their practice to a specific area, which means they can provide a broad range of services. For the small business owner, many of these services can be invaluable. Having one attorney who handles all legal aspects of your business allows you to build a rapport and trusting relationship. Your attorney will also be intimately familiar with your business, making it easier to provide the proper legal council for all situations. Here are just some of the things your general practice attorney can do for you.

Contract Writing

Having an iron-clad contract will help you to protect your interests when purchasing real estate for your business, hiring employees on contract and finalizing the terms of vendor agreements. Instead of using pre-populated forms you might find online, your general practice attorney can help you craft legal documents that are customized for your business and your needs. You'll get the legal protection you need in the event that one of your business dealings doesn't go as planned, which means you will have something to present before a judge should you end up in court.

Business Organization Setup

Whether you want to form a limited liability corporation or you want to incorporate your business, a general practice attorney can help you with filing your business name and submitting all of the proper documentation needed to form your company. Your lawyer will also be able to help you get tax ID numbers for your business so you can comply with local and federal tax regulations once your company is formed.

Personal Injury Defense

Unfortunately, accidents do happen. When they happen at your place of business, you may be financially liable for medical expenses and damages if a customer, employee or vendor is injured on your company property. Having a general practice attorney at your disposal means you'll have someone ready to handle all of the aspects of your case. Since your attorney is already familiar with the other aspects of your business, he or she will already have information needed to begin mounting a defense.

Intellectual Property Protection

If you create, invent or produce unique products, you'll want to protect them from being copied or stolen by the competition. A general practice attorney can help you to trademark, patent or otherwise protect your intellectual property. Once the protection is in place, you can have your attorney file any necessary litigation should you find that someone has stolen or copied your ideas.

Whether you are just starting your small business or you simply haven't considered hiring an attorney before, consider all of the ways hiring a general practice attorney for all your company's legal needs can help you be prepared for anything that might happen. Contact a law firm, such as Herbert Law Firm LLC, for more information.   


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