contractors - protect yourself from legal liabilities

contractors - protect yourself from legal liabilities

About Getting Justice For The Wrongful Death Of A Baby

Lawrence Ross

Did your baby pass away after getting treated for a simple cold by a physician? If you believe that negligence was involved with the death of your child, you might want to contact a lawyer as soon as you are able to. In this article, discover what can be legally done to get justice for the wrongful death of your child.

What Kind of Information Does a Lawyer Need to Begin?

You will have to provide information about your child's health during the first consultation with a lawyer. Be prepared to answer truthfully about any medical conditions that your baby has experienced since birth, including the cold that you believe was negligently treated. Based on the information that you provide, your lawyer will be able to determine if there is a chance that the physician is actually at fault for medical malpractice. If your argument is strong enough, he or she will accept the case and begin gathering the evidence that is needed to prove that your child is the victim of wrongful death. He or she will also figure out how much money you can rightfully sue the physician for.

Will the Lawyer Request Any Evidence?

The only evidence that may be requested from you is a copy of your child's medical records. However, the lawyer may simply ask that you sign a medical release form so he or she can get the records on your behalf. Other evidence will be obtained directly by the lawyer or with the help of an investigator, such as find out if the physician has been in legal trouble for medical malpractice in the past. The lawyer will research the medication that was prescribed to your child to find out what it is commonly used to treat. He or she will also determine if it is possible that your child's death was caused from being prescribed the wrong dosage of the drug.

What Will a Lawyer Charge for Assisting with a Wrongful Death Claim?

When a lawyer accepts a wrongful death case, it is often because he or she feels like the case will be successful. Due to the lawyer having confidence about the case, he or she is not likely to charge any money in advance. You will be charged only after the case is won, and the amount paid to the lawyer will depend on what you win in court. However, you can expect at least 20% or more of the money won to go toward paying the lawyer. Get in touch with a lawyer about the wrongful death of your baby so justice can be served.


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